Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiny pool

I went to see Miss Vicki on Monday. She's the nurse for Dr. R who takes care of my second belly button. She said it looked ok, just like that gran-u-lay-shun stuff that came back in January. That comes and then goes away sometimes. But it's hurting me so bad this time! Before it didn't really hurt too much, just got big and yucky. When Miss Vicki looked at it, it didn't hurt, so she said it was ok. But these last couple days it's been hurting bad every time Mommy tries to clean it good. She has to call Daddy to come in and help hold onto me so I can't make her stop. But the blob is getting smaller, so maybe it will feel better soon.

Miss Vicki said we needed to let it get some air sometimes, and the only time Mommy said it was safe to do that was when I was sleeping with her to make sure I couldn't mess it up. So I got to take a whole nap on Mommy so she could make it get air while I was napping.

The last couple days we've been playing in my new tiny pool. (It looks alot like my toybox.) Mommy decided since we left our big pool at our old house that we would find something else I could play in. I wanted to get one of those fun kiddie pools just for me, but we don't have a way to fill it up quick since we're on the second floor. I had fun even though this is pretty small. I even put on my swimsuit from last year that fits me good now.

Here's a little movie of me playing. I found a new fun trick to do in there. Mommy calls it baby pull-ups, but not like the diaper.

On Tuesday, Miss Deb came over to play with me a little and give me a little ee-val to see if I'm ready for PT. That's to help me learn to crawl and walk and stuff. It was a pretty fun visit. She helped me practice moving on my hands and knees and I got all the way to my music.

Then she had me practice standing at the couch to play too. I like that alot, but I don't like getting up or getting down. I just like someone to put me there so I can play. Mommy says that's not gonna cut it in this house!

Here's a little movie of when I was moving on my knees. It's not that fun really.


  1. Soph and I miss you guys SO much! We went swimming in your big pool again today. (we're rich ;-} Sophie has really taken to the water. Alexander thought sitting in the blue floatie was like being in a little boat. Wish you were here to splash with us.

  2. You are doing so much! I'm so proud of you. You looked so sweet asleep on your mommy.
    That little pool looked like lots of fun. You'll be standing (and tipping it over!) soon, I'm sure. You are such a big girl.
    I'll see you soon. Love you, sweetie peach!

  3. Hey Braska - I have a tiny pool on my deck too; maybe you could come splash with me someday! And Deb did my ee val too! We saw her one day and she still remembers me. Hope to see you soon!

  4. I'm sorry that your button is bothering you Braska - that's no fun.

    Your little pool look like a lot of fun though, keep splashing!!!

  5. her little pool looks like fun! and way to go on the PT!!

  6. great crawling braska! That toy tub idea looks like fun. Your mommy always comes up with the best ideas! Miss you!

  7. That's it.....I totally want to bring her home. What a sweet little doll!!

    She is growing up so fast!!

  8. You surprised me. I watched the video of you in the pool yesterday and today when I went in, I saw the crawling video. How did I miss that? You are doing great little Little Miss.


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