Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clean place to play

While Mommy's been working some on the new house, I have been playing in my Pack N Play so I don't get all dirty on the messy floors.

There's alot of messes at the house since there are guys taking out walls and building stuff and working on lots of things. The carpet is really icky, so Mommy doesn't let me play much on it even though I wanna get down and look around. She did let me get down for a few minutes the other day, but we had to put a blanket down first. I was happy to stretch out a little!


  1. Violette has that same onesie!

    that Braska is so cute!

  2. Good to see you have a fun and safe place to hang out in. And LOVED the pictures of your new home, it looks great!

    You and your little sis/brother will enjoy many hide and seek games in those rooms.

    Take good care of your momma, she is probably getting tired by now.

  3. thanks so much for sharing your blog! braska is too beautiful for words :)


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