Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick picture riddle

We still don't have internet at home, but I'm borrowing Auntie Rachel's computer really quick. I have pictures of all our house and moving stuff to show you, but I can't put those up yet. Hopefully soon!

For now, can you guess what I did or where I went today from this picture??


  1. checking out Auntie Rachel's legs under a possible wedding gown?

  2. A mean runaway bride didn't notice Braska and knocked her down as she fled the church. I hope you sue!

  3. I think you went to get your picture taken. You certainly look dressed-up!

  4. I'm commenting "backwards" -- this one comes AFTER I commented on newer post. !siht si yllaer sdrawkcaB

    You have a very astute readership, but you knew that already! Braska, you HAD BETTER grow some more between now and May! You'll be a special part of that very special day.


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