Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mommy report: Miracle girls

Emma's doing great! Tubes are coming out, the vent is out, and she seems to be putting aside all those "high-risk" worries. Thank you for praying. I know many of us have posted for her, and it is encouraging to her parents, I'm sure. There's recovery to go, of course, so keep it up!

Also, please be remembering little Maddy in your prayers too. She's a princess with DS who also had heart surgery recently and has had some scares and some bumps to overcome, but she's finally in a step-down room, and that's awesome!!! She has tons of wonderful family around her, and I'm sure that doesn't hurt at all! Her CaringBridge page is here if you want to go say hello.

Last, and in no way least, Miss Kennedy has had a rough week with another hospital stay. This girl has beat the odds so many times, it's just crazy! She's such a tough one, and I'm convinced her mom, Renee, is made of super tough mom material as well. They go to Philly next week for more big stuff, so put them on a calendar or something to remember.

These families, all three, are such beautiful examples of unconditional love for their girls (and other kids too) and trusting God through alot of frustrating and question-filled times. They are all three on our daily list, and we'll keep it up!

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