Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picture catch-up

I've been having trouble finding time to get on the computer and show you pictures. So I've got a bunch to catch up on. I'll do some here, then I'll have more tomorrow. There's been alot going on!

A couple weeks ago Mommy and I went to Grammy's house for a quick visit and a baby shower. (There wasn't even a baby yet, and there was no water, so I didn't understand.) While we were there, Grammy put me on the bouncy horse, and it was kind of fun.

Daddy said he wanted to see a ponytail in my hair instead of just the little piggies. So we tried it one day. It was cute, and it made me look like a big girl, Mommy said, but it didn't want to stay in when I was rolling around on the floor.

I have squishy letters for my bath time that stick to the walls. But my favorite thing to do is chew on them. And lots of them at one time!

They also stick to me!

Here's my newest word. You have to listen quick and carefully because it's a secret.

Daddy taught me a new funny thing to do with my mouth and it makes a silly noise. It also looks silly too.

I like Daddy's Bears trash can, so I knock it over and roll it around. He doesn't keep trash in it since he knows I like it. It makes the best noise in the kitchen when I bang on it.


  1. Braska, you are getting so big and are as beautiful as ever!!

  2. You say book very well and your ponytail is very cute.

  3. What a great talker! I love the ponytail.

  4. What a busy girl Braska's been! GREAT speech! quiet, but very clear! Wow!

  5. I just love the one of her on the rocking horse!

  6. you are up to so many things...I liked your secret...we like books around here too, shhh...

  7. Thanks for the pic updates! You sure are cute. ---Jen


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