Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy life: Help with NO money required

Please hang with me for 30 seconds, all you Reader skimmers. Many of you may have seen postings about the American Express program of Members Project. Now in its second year, Members Project is your chance to join a community that's passionate about making a positive change in the world. Show your support and vote on which projects get $2.5 million in American Express funding. The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours. The coolest part is you DO NOT have to be an AmEx member to nominate a group!!! I just did it myself, and I'm not a member.

You all know, if you've been around long, that a fave cause/organization of mine is Reece's Rainbow. I've asked for donations that I've matched. Now I'm not asking for money at all. They are one of the projects to be nominated. This is a neat situation where only nominating (voting online) for a group or cause puts it that much closer to a huge grant that can make a BIG difference. Do you know what an awesome thing it would be for RR to get a $2.5 million grant?!? Do you know how many children with DS could be saved and brought home to loving families? This excites me, and if I could reach through the computer right now, I'd nominate for all of you. But I can't. So please take the time (less than 1 minute) to go nominate this wonderul group. Please. It costs you nothing but a few seconds, and how can that be too much hassle to help these kids?

(In case you need it, here's the address to paste into your address bar if there's problems with the links. Thank you!!! )


  1. I seem to be having problems finding/nominating Reece's Rainbow.. If you could let me know I will be happy to nominate..

    Jessi from Busey

  2. Hi Jessi!! Here's the link, in case it doesn't work again. You can click on the "go nominate" in the post or paste this into your address link. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  3. just got my vote in:)
    mom to Sydney(5ds)


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