Friday, August 29, 2008

New places to play

We're getting things put away in our new house.  I've found alot of neat places to play and bunches of things to throw around and make messes with.  This is my new play corner in the living room.  


I've got drawers with toys in them and lots of room to practice my steps with my walking toy.  I can't do it by myself yet, but we're working on it alot.  I like taking steps, but I just need lots of help still so I don't fall.

I'll try to have more new pictures of my stuff soon.  We've been busy trying to put everything where it should go.  I better go help some more.

Oh, by the way, about yesterday's riddle.... Mommy and I went with Auntie Rachel to get her really pretty dress ordered for her wedding.  It's a secret though, so I can't show you the whole thing.  I thought it was SO fun to touch!!  I'm gonna have a pretty dress too, but I might still grow before May!


  1. Sorry I missed checking the site in time to be the first to guess the riddle.. don't think it would have been hard for me. I guess I thought there would be no posts since you're still waiting on Internet service there. It's my 59th birthday and I've been so blessed. Braska, you are such a major part of my innumerable blessings. And thanks for staying with us last week to keep an eye on Grammy Jan!

    Love to all.....

  2. I had a feeling it might be a pretty dress! Braska - your new play corner looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. You keep playing girl. That is how we learn to do lot of things. Even though John is 5 weeks old, he enjoys playing and stretching out in his little jungle gym on the floor.


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