Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new house!

(I put up some other new stories, so make sure you go down and look at those too!)

Let me show you around my new house a little. We just got it to be ours today! We don't get to live there til next week since a bunch of people are coming to make some messes and redo some things. Mommy will talk about it more in her stories.

Here's my fireplace. (Mommy says its going away tomorrow, but I wanted to show you anyway.)

Here's Baby Pepino's room. (Mommy note: The green looks a little brighter in this pic than it really is.)

Here's my new bathtub for splashing fun! It even has little things that will make splashies for me!

Here's the kitchen, and my favorite new spot where I can knock on the big black door!

Here's the best room!! My new room! (Mommy note: The blue is not quite this bright, and it's tone-on-tone stripe.) And check out the fun cubby holes in my new closet!

Tonight we went to a meeting with my friend Jack and some other ladies. I was so tired I fell asleep on the way. My glasses got in the way but I didn't have the energy to move them all the way off of me.

Here's me and Jack. We were hiding our faces from Mommy.

We'll have more pictures of the house as it gets some big work done soon!


  1. Thanks for the tour of your new house Braska! Looks like you'll have a lot of room to play around in :)

  2. Looks like a fun house to be in. I guess we will all be moving boxes again.

  3. Wow!! What a great new house! :) I love the tub and the closet! :)

  4. Braska, you are the cutest tour guide, EVER! The picture in the closet is so funny.

  5. Braska- Are those pandas on the wall in your new room? How perfect!! Can't wait to come visit!

  6. Braska, you are GORGEOUS, I love you!! and I love the look of your new house, and judging by the lovely, cute and enthusiastic way you're showing it off I'd say it looks like you're very happy about it and can't wait to have lots of fun there!!!

  7. braska you should go into real estate - you have a house touring gift

  8. how exciting about the new house! i love your room braska! thanks for the tour!

  9. What a fun tour! I loved the picture in the closet! What a cutie!



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