Saturday, August 2, 2008

Prayers for our friend Emma

On Monday morning, our very special friend Emma will be having open heart surgery to repair the same issue as Braska had repaired at 3 months old. It's called AV canal defect, and it's plain amazing that Emma's lived to age 5 with this problem unrepaired til now. Emma is extra special to us because she caught our attention last year when she was still Daria, in the Ukraine waiting to be adopted. We donated as a family to her several times, wanting to help her find her family. And she couldn't have done any better!!! Mike and Meredith are truly wonderful people, loving parents, and do an amazing job at trusting God through every circumstance.

This is a high-risk surgery for her, but we trust her physicians and all involved are ready and capable. Her parents have done everything in their power to make sure she's ready. People all over the country, and probably many others, are praying for her to have a successful repair and a quick and complication-free surgery. Please join us as we pray for her, especially tomorrow. Her surgery is at 7am Eastern time. It will be a very important day in sweet Emma's life. Please be a part of it. We pray that God will be glorified in the outcomes. We are blessed to live in a country that has this kind of amazing medicine available. You can follow Emma's story on their family blog as well.

Mike and Meredith, we are lifting you up, along with Emma and the rest of the kids. Little Emma, rest well, Monday is a big day, and you'll need lots of energy to keep up with that new fixed-up heart!


  1. Our prayers go up for Emma and her parents. We will keep her in mind all day tomorrow. God's will be done.

  2. What a doll you have! We pray for Emma daily here too, it's so great to know that she is constantly covered in prayer.


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