Monday, August 11, 2008

Two families, two days

Last Saturday, we went to Grammy's house again, but this time it was all of us. Like ALL of us. Mommy's side of the family was all there except for a few cousins that live far away. There were alot of people and it was pretty fun. There were some funny old movies from when Mommy was 17 and she had big hair. But there was some other people with big hair too. Everyone looked a little bit silly, I thought, but we all laughed.

Grammy fed me a little yogurt. My second button wasn't working good, so we thought I might eat something, but I only took a few bites. We don't know what was wrong with my button, but it's working now. Just didn't work that day. Silly button!

Later everyone went outside and played some games. Grammy and Papa have a really really big yard, so there was room to throw things. I don't know where they got shoes from horses though.

Auntie Rachel got a very pretty ring from Mr. Patrick last weekend, and they decided to get married in May. Everyone wanted to see the pretty ring. I have to learn to walk soon so I can carry some flowers for her at her wedding!!

On Sunday, we went to church and sat with Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye, and Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick. We had our own row. We're not usually all there at the same time. Then after church we went to Miss Cindy's for swimming. It was a good day for swimming. Not too hot but just right. Daddy and Uncle Levi played some kind of game while I splashed with Miss Cheryl and Grandma C.

Daddy tried to get me to swim a little, but I didn't want to take my hands out of my mouth. I just kept giggling and I didn't want to put them out where they said to.

I did learn a new fun thing in the pool...jumping for Daddy! Look at me go!

After swimming, we went to Miss Cheryl and Uncle Ethon's house to eat some supper and watch the Bears game that Uncle Ethon had on his DVR for us.

I played with Miss Cheryl and climbed on the couch.

It was a pretty fun couple of days with the family!

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  1. wow, that looks like a fun weekend Braska. and tell your Auntie Rachel congratulations for me - she will make a beautiful bride and you will make a beautiful flower girl too!


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