Friday, March 2, 2012

62/366 Surprise pizza day

When Mommy came to pick me up from school today, she had a surprise with her….  Grandma C!  She came to our house and took KiKi for a walk and then said she would take us to see PaPaw and Daddy for a lunch with the whole family!

We went to Daddy’s favorite pizza place, and PaPaw was already there with the pizza ready.  (I had yogurt, because I know it’s better than pizza anyday, but no one else seems to believe me.)  We also got a little ice cream, too.  Yum!

Before we left, I took a picture with PaPaw and Grandma C. 

Then KiKi had to get in the picture, too.  And we just got lots more goofy!

Thanks for a fun surprise day today, Grandma C and PaPaw!  It was a good way to have lunch, I think.

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