Thursday, March 22, 2012

82/366 Laughing lunch, big Ben, tech tricks

On Thursday, I don’t have to go to school, so we get to just hang around home in the morning.  Then we got all dressed and went to meet Daddy, Grandma C, PaPaw John, and Miss Karen for lunch.  I ate some really yummy broccoli cheese soup and then had some fun giggle time with Grandma C and PaPaw.

We got goodbye kisses from Miss Karen, because she has to go back to Kansas on Saturday.  We always love to see her.  She has taken good care of us since we were born. (Little secret…We hope she can live closer to us again someday maybe.  Shhhhh….)

After lunch, we went over to Ben’s house to play a bit while our mommies had a visit.  He is way bigger than us, but it’s SO much fun to run around and play with him!

Tonight Mommy went to work, and I helped Daddy get some of his work done.  He fixes computers.  And this one is Papa’s computer that got broken by the lightning.  I showed Daddy how to take some of it apart.

Then you have to take these wires and plug them in over here.

Daddy learned quick, and then I let him finish so I could go play.

Another great day full of good stuff! 


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