Sunday, March 4, 2012

64/366 Highs and lows

Mommy had a meeting at work this morning, and while she was gone I started feeling bad again.  I got really REALLY hot (104.8) and cried a lot on Daddy.  I slept for a few hours after Mommy gave me some medicine when she got home.

I felt a little better when I woke up, so I played with my blocks for a while.

KiKi plays with me, and when we need to move the blocks, which are kind of heavy, we do it together.  That’s called cooperation, and we’re practicing it so we get good at it.

It’s bedtime now, and my fever is gone. I’m down to my normal again. (96.5-97)  I’m going to bed because I am tired, and I need good sleep tonight.  I can’t go to school tomorrow since I was so hot today, so we’ll stay home and rest.

(Mommy note: Braska has taken to moaning the last few weeks on and off but more frequently as time goes, not just when she’s not feeling well—that I know of—but it’s been much more this afternoon.  I can’t identify the problem, but it seems she’s needing something.  Similar to her teeth grinding, which fluctuates as well, we can’t figure out what need is going unmet… since sensory issues are my guess.  We can’t just hand her pretzels to chew on because she doesn’t chew crunchy things yet…  if you have thoughts, do share…  We always appreciate other parents with experience.)

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  1. When we were in last week the ped mentioned that A's six-year molars might be coming in. She's had her hand jammed in her mouth.


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