Friday, March 16, 2012

76/366 Raahhrrrrrrr, I’m a dinosaur. And other talking bits.

Sometimes I like to pretend to be a dinosaur.  I’m a T-Rex, with little short arms.  See?


Mommy report: Speech/language

Braska doesn’t really want her speech therapist to know she can talk.  And that’s unfortunate.  She’ll show just enough to get by, but nothing like what she’ll do with other therapists or in more comfortable environments.  The SLP is very very sweet, so it’s not like she is difficult for Braska to deal with.  I’m not sure what B’s reasoning is.  But she just will not do much spontaneous talk around Miss C.  It boggles my mind, because Braska is a chatterbox, no doubt. She talks almost constantly at home.

But after talking with Miss C the other day, I decided to jot down the things Braska said for just a little snippet… then I emailed her the “findings.”

*When climbing up in her chair, "all safe and sound!"

*She picked up my phone sitting there in front of her and said, "Hey, that's MY phone!" when I tried to take it back. "I call Grammy," then putting the phone up to her ear pretending, "Hi Grammy, Ok, Bye."

*As I pour a drink, putting her hand out like she is stopping me "That's enough, that's enough!"

*She paused between accepting bites and started panting, "Like a dog, woof woof"

*Asked what Kinlee is eating, "Kinlee likes curly noodles"

*In the kitchen, as M walked in..."Dad, come on over."  He walked to her. "No, not this side." She pointed to his chair on the other side of her, "Go on that side."

*Randomly, "Hey, what the heck?" (We're not encouraging this one... )

*She started throwing her head back and roaring... I asked, "What are you doing?"  "I'm a dinosaur.". When seeing Daddy do an impression, "You're a T-Rex!". When daddy tickled her... "You got me." When daddy left room, she waved and said "Bye little T-Rex!"

*Again between bites, "Siblings are brothers and sisters."  This is from Sesame Street, watched earlier today.  Siblings was the Word of the Day

*After she finished her bowl of soup, "I ate the whole thing!"  Then she added, "Now we go to Ella's house!"

*She randomly said, "Hey, its a tuba."  I asked her, "What's that from?  She yelled, "Super Grover 2.0!" (Sesame Street again.)

All that was in the span of about 15 minutes, all at the table while she was eating and interacting with others. 

*Then later...On the potty, "Mom, I'm ready for wipe."

*Tonight, while I'm typing this, "Mom, can I sit with you?"  I told her she could.  She said, "Thanks, Mom. What are you doing? Working computer?" 

*And later, she bumped into me while she was climbing up next to me on the couch.  She said, "Oh, sorry Mom." And she gave me a kiss on my shoulder and said, "I love you, Mom, I love you."  Then she followed with, "I want some applesauce.  Mom, how 'bout some applesauce? Mom!  I want some applesauce, pleeeeeease!"

*As she was sitting next to me, she leaned back against the couch and didn't like that she had a hair clip in her hair that didn't feel good as she flopped back. "Mom, ouch. Get the clip. Get it out, please."  And then after I took it out, "Thanks, Mom, that's better."

*And one of my faves.... this morning, and many mornings, at the breakfast table, "Aw, Kinlee, you're so beautiful.". KiKi replies, "Thanks."  And Braska says, "You're welcome".


  1. Great post. Loved it.

  2. We know you can talk, Braska. We understand that you just don't want to show off for Miss C. You wouldn't want people to think Miss C taught you to talk. We all know who REALLY taught you! :o) Go, girl!!

  3. Stinker! Alayna is the same way, even her preschool teacher has caught her in the act of talking while I am on the phone with her but at school she is as quiet as a church mouse.


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