Saturday, March 3, 2012

63/366 Jacket for two. Fever for one.

Today, Daddy took us to dance class.
We have cards that we give to Miss SJ each week and at the end we get a sticker.

Sometimes we sit in a circle and make ourselves really small and then we count to 3 and say “SURPRISE!!!” with our hands and feet out real fast.

Then we went to Grandma C’s house.  We played, but mostly I slept.  I was not feeling very good. 

KiKi watched the movie with Daddy and Grandma C.
(Can anyone name that movie?  Be specific!)

When Mommy got home from work, I got some medicine and was feeling a little better. So we all played for a little while.

KiKi got in Daddy’s jacket with him.  It looked pretty funny!

I played with my blocks.  They have my name on all of them.  But I like the side with the letters on them.

I took lots of naps today, but I am ready for bed again.  Mommy gave me some more medicine, so I hope I can feel better tomorrow.

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  1. We had a little fever over here too - must be something going around. Blech - made for a long, albeit super-cuddly day.


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