Tuesday, March 27, 2012

87/366 New reading buddies

On Tuesday nights, we go Ella’s house.  We get to play with some friends and the adults stay upstairs and talk about God and Bible and stuff.  There’s snacks, and we get to watch movies or play outside.  I love it!  I always remind Mommy on Tuesday that it’s time to go to Ella’s house.

Tonight, after we the adults got done and we all came back upstairs, I sat down with Mr. Chris and Miss Abbey to do some reading.  I just to got to talk with them last week a little more, so now I can just ask to sit with them and they’ll read to me.  Isn’t that nice?  Mr. Chris plays music at our church and Miss Abbey is a doctor.  Since I LOVE music and I get to see lots of doctors, it just makes sense for me to have them as new friends!

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