Wednesday, March 7, 2012

67/366 PaPaw’s Birthday

We went to take PaPaw to lunch for his birthday today.  grandskids1

When we got back to the office at the church, before we left again, I got to play in Grandma C’s chair.  We went around and around, and it’s WAY fun!

We went to Grandma C’s and PaPaw’s house for some playtime.  We worked on a puzzle with my name in it.  KiKi is really good at knowing where all the pieces go. 
(Mommy note: Kinlee was doing the states puzzle recently and saw that the Illinois piece had a picture of an ear of corn on it.  She said she didn’t know why there was corn on there, there should be a Chicago Bear on there! )

KiKi asked PaPaw how many he was today, and he didn’t say anything. So Mommy said “40.”  And then she said “plus 20.”  And since I don’t do that much math yet, I just left it at that.

Before we left, we had a family group cuddle.  We love group cuddles.  Especially when we get to be right in the middle!

Happy Birthday, PaPaw!  Glad we got to spend today with you!

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