Thursday, March 29, 2012

89/366 Mommy life: Sweet on sweet

Tonight as I came in after work to check on the girls, this was what I found…

I’m sorry—and I am not a mushy type of parent, just ask my friends—but come on.  That is all KINDS of adorable. 

Kinlee prefers to be holding a hand or cuddling an arm that’s lying across her as she goes to sleep.  If she happens to be in “the big bed” in our room, she must sleep right up against one of us.  And this drives me nuts.  Really.

So not only is it a surprise to see them asleep in Braska’s bed together, but it’s so sweet to see Kinlee cuddling up to her sister to get that physical connection she seems to need for falling asleep.

My bet is that this won’t last long, as Braska is a really really light sleeper, like her mother.  I’m thinking that KiKi will end up in her bed or the recliner before too long.  But while it lasts,  it’s just adorably sweet.

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