Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jumping crazy

This morning it was Tuesday but Miss Robin didn't come to see me. Mommy says she's coming on Friday instead. But I still woke up early. Mommy looked like she wanted to sleep more again.

After I got my vanilla milk at lunch, I sat there for a little bit while Mommy made lunch for Daddy when he came home from work. I just got comfy, but Mommy thought it was pretty funny.

I played some at my little table today. I'm practicing playing on my knees, and today I did it for longer. It was fun to throw the little things in there, so I didn't mind being on my knees.

Mommy washed a whole bunch of clothes today, so she had alot of putting away to do. While she worked in her room, I jumped and danced to the fun music on the radio. Check out my big jumps!


  1. Oh, that jumping is a hoot!! Way to go, Braska!

  2. Absolutely love the jumping, especially with her head thrown back! What a sweetie.

  3. Go Braska!! Can I just say I love how Belle watches over her? It's so sweet.


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