Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Retropost: First trip with Zoey

Last week, Mommy and I packed up to go back to St. Louis so I could get my glasses fixed and pick up my new glasses that Mommy calls the backup pair. Since I have been getting tired of riding in the car sometimes these last few trips, Mommy decided it would be nice if she could find a friend to go with us who could play with me and put my glasses back on when I throw them in the car while Mommy is driving.

So we found our friend Zoey and she said she would go with us. She's 13 and is really nice! I like her alot, and we had such a good time in the car. I like having someone right there to talk to and play with. Zoey took good care of me when Mommy needed to work and when Mommy had to go talk to people at the doctor's office. It was really fun to have a friend along with us.

We left on Wednesday morning, stopping at one of Mommy's offices on the way so she could work for a while, then we went to Children's so I could have a test. They stuck me with a needle to get some blood, and I didn't even make a sad face! No crying at all, and Mommy was so proud of me! Then we got some lunch there, I even had some salsa and sour cream from Mommy's salad.

We went to St. John's to get my glasses fixed and pick up my backup pair. Here's my fixed old ones and my new ones...what do you think??
Regular glasses.

New backup glasses.

We went out to Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye's house to pick up some medicine for Belle. (Uncle Jody is a doctor for animals.) I got to say hello to them for a few minutes.

Then we went in the car again to Columbia, Missouri, where we have some new baby friends. We first went to see Baby Lillie and her family. I had never gotten to meet them, so we had a good time, even though we didn't get to be there for very long. It was nice to meet them all. Lillie's grandma and grandpa have been friends with my Papa and Grammy since they were in college! That's a LOOONG time!

I gave Baby Lillie a bunch of my clothes that are too small for me, and some BabyLegs, of course! She's gonna like them, I think. She had three big brothers, so she needs some pretty girlie clothes! Here's Baby Lillie with her biggest brother Isaiah.

After we left Baby Lillie's house, we got in the car for just one minute to go to Baby Millie's house. They live close! Baby Millie is Macy and Morgan's new sister. I gave her some BabyLegs too! She's only just a little bigger than Baby Lillie. We had dinner with Mr. Justin, Miss Julie, and the girls. Then we played for a while. Macy and Morgan were so nice to share some toys with me. It was past my bedtime so we had to go to the hotel. Before we left, we took a picture on the couch with all us girls.

We finally got some sleep, but Mommy had to hold me really tight to get me to sleep because I was all hyped and wired, she said. In the morning, we went to see Miss Melanie, a very nice lady who works with Lillie's grandma. She checks on me and reads my stories all the time, so I wanted to give her a hug! Hi Miss Melanie!!

We headed back to St. Louis and stopped to pick up some new bows at my favorite kids store. We also stopped and surprised Mommy's friend from college, Miss Melanie! Another Melanie! She was busy at work, but we got to chat for a second.

Zoey, Mommy, and I got some lunch at our favorite Chinese place before we went home. I found out that I like the creamy stuff inside of Mommy's favorite, called crab rangoon. It was pretty yummy. And I also liked some of the spicy sauces that she had too. I tasted little bits of a bunch of new things. Mostly, I just watched the big girls eat and I looked cute...and then I was ready to go.

And can you believe we didn't get one picture with me and Zoey! How did we do that?!? We'll have to get one soon.. Thanks for going with us Zoey! It was so fun. I can't wait til next time.


  1. Just wanted to remind you, Braska. The next time you come to Columbia you're staying with me. :) Got it?

    Gran Howell

  2. Love the new glasses - and your big blue eyes! Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. I like the round ones better, Braska. They suit your gorgeous little round face more, I think. The other ones look too sophisticated for you, too grown up? Lovely lovely photos!! I'd love to give you a big big cuddle one day...

  4. You are a BEAUTY in those glasses. Oh, I could just reach thru this computer and squeeze ya I would! Geez, you are soooo cute!

    Where does your momma get the energy to do all that she does???? Can we borrow her for a few days? And Zoe too?? I know you wouldn't let them go though....

    Hugs from Washington State!

  5. wow - what an adventure you gals had, we were so glad that we got to be a part of that trip - I like both pairs of glasses on you Braska, I can't decide which is cuter...and Zoey was a great help to you wasn't she, what a terrific gal she is, its fun to have such great friends!

  6. She is so pretty. You guys are always so busy!! Glad you found a friend to help take away from the boredom of the carseat!! Sounds a lot more fun that way!!

  7. I love both pairs! They both look good on you!

  8. I love both pairs of your glasses Braska! You look so cute. Sounds like a busy trip as usual, but I'm so happy that you tried lots of new things. I'm glad Zoey is a great new friend too!

  9. Hey little Miss,

    I forgot to tell you how much I love your second pair of spectacles. Very nice. You are stylin' girl.

  10. Could she be ANY cuter with glasses? OMGravy! Precious!


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