Friday, April 18, 2008

New Baby Hunter!

No, that doesn't mean someone is looking for babies!! Baby Hunter is here!

Miss Jennifer called to tell Mommy that Hunter decided to come early yesterday, so we went to see him today. I put on a new outfit since it's nice and warm, and he's a boy so he might like baseball. Auntie Rachel got me this outfit last year when I was a tiny baby, but it just now fits. It has 6-9 months on the tag inside, but it's still kinda big. It has a hat too, but I didn't like it very much, so I wouldn't let Mommy get a picture with it on. This is for Auntie Rachel's favorite team, St. Louis Cardinals.

We picked Daddy up at work for lunch time and we all went to see Hunter. Isn't he so cute?!?

Olivia is Hunter's big sister, and she's pretty happy about it. She gave me and Mommy hugs.

We played on the floor and she read me a book about animals. She's 6 months older than me, and she's really smart!

When we got home and had lunch food. And guess what? I spit it all up again. I don't know why, but my belly is not feeling good when the food goes in. I don't feel sick or anything, only when my milk goes in my belly.

When Mommy changed my clothes, she put a summer outfit on me again, and it's from last year when Miss Karen A and Grandma C got it for me. It finally fits like it's supposed to. It has 3-6 months on the tag. I only wore it once last year I think, and that was for this picture on 3/31/07. See how big I've grown!


  1. Aaugh! She's too cute. Love the cute pink baseball outfit. She's so little... so adorable! I love seeing her.

  2. She is so cute in her clothes - I wish that it was shorts weather here. We are getting there, but still not quite. I love her little pink bows too.

  3. I love your new hairstyles in these pictures. Especially the two bow style. Could you ask your mommy if she could send me that pic of you so I can put it on my church laptop background?

    The people in this church love the Cardinals, just like your Auntie Rachel. So they would love that picture. Thanks.

  4. well, miss braska what's with all this spitting up lately - maybe your belly wants you to start eating big people food - maybe its tired of milk - think you could give that a try - then you could grow into so many more neat outfits! ;-)

  5. Hahaha - I thought it was funny that Ruby's still wearing 3-6 months clothes. I got out some summer clothes from last year today & they fit just fine. What is that about?! She'll be a year old soon - and the 12 month size clothes look HUGE!

    But Braska, you've got Ruby beat! You're even older! And still totally adorable :)

  6. Love the Cardinals pink outfit! But the picture wouldn't be of interest without YOU IN IT, BRASKA!!!!!!

  7. And two bows in your hair? What a wonderful mommy you have to put your gorgeous hair up so nicely.

    I tell ya, you are looking like such a little girl lately. Such a sweet smile.

    Gotta figure out that spittin' up though. Is the other end working okay lately? For Tommy it seems that the poopin' has to happen daily, else there is no interest in eating.

    I did scale back a tad on the last Gtube feeding for the evening as he always gets fussy and seems "full". Anyway, that's what we are doing. Take care and keep up the wonderful pictures!

  8. She is so adorable! What great pictures!!

  9. Great photos! Tristan wears alot of his clothes more than one season. He is 4 wearing 24 months just finally in size 2 :) Bring on the big boy clothes!

  10. Braska, I love the new "do" in the yellow and blue outfit. The middle-parted one is cute, too. You're just plain cute all the time:o) It looked like you were more interested in Daddy than the new baby!
    Sounds like your tummy might be ready for something with substance; or maybe some fresh goat's milk would help.
    We may be seeing Jessie on Friday to take something for her new baby.
    Love you!!!

  11. Thanks for telling us about Hunter, Braska! I knew you were smart. I sure hope your tummy gets better - we'll say some prayers for you tonight.

  12. It was so awesome to have you guys visit us in the hospital! I just love those pics of the kids together! Don't be strangers! We miss you guys and will have to get together soon!

  13. What a great Cards outfit B! Be sure to cheer on our fav player - cutie Schumaker! Can't wait til you're big enough to go to the games with us! Love you -
    Auntie Rach


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