Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nice days to swing

It's been pretty nice weather at our house for a few days. Sunday I got to wear one of my summer dresses to church. This is another one from last year, but it fits me better now.

Sunday afternoon we went out to the front yard while Mommy worked on the plants and stuff. I started out on the blanket, but then there was this tickley stuff.

I spent some time looking at my book while Mommy was cooking.

On Monday, Mommy and I went to lunch with Miss Mindy at Toro. We haven't been there in a while because Daddy says we're saving money now. Miss Martha wasn't there, so I guess we'll have to go back again later to see her.

Mommy and I went to the store after lunch, and we got a new fun toy for me. We saw the stories about my friend Logan playing in his swing this last weekend, so Mommy decided that was a great idea for me too. When Daddy got home from work, we put it up in the tree outside by the pool. I think it's GREAT!! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I even waved at Daddy to say thank you.

After a while, Daddy let me try his big swing that we call the hammock. I didn't like how that felt so much. I only like it when he's with me in there.

Today I got to wear another new outfit that Mommy thought would be the right size, but it was too big. I wore it anyway since it was kind of a sunny outfit on a sunny day. But I'll have to wait to wear it till I get a little bigger. Mommy tried to get me to stand up for a picture, but I just kept being silly.

So we took a couple sitting down, but I hid the pretty stuff on the shirt from Mommy at first.

This afternoon Mommy had a snack and she let me taste it. At first I didn't want to try it, but then it kind of looked like Mommy thought it was yummy, so I just opened my mouth and got a little when Mommy wasn't looking. She got so surprised! Here's what happened next...
It was SO yummy that I finished the little bit Mommy had left and she went to get me another one. I ended up a little messy too.

But tomorrow I get to try another one when I can get all messy with my hands. I don't know if I'll like that, but maybe it will be fun.


  1. Ice cream sandwiches are the best! Yum!!

    That's one of Delphine's favorite books too.

  2. Braska! You get to swing! Looks like you had a whole bunch of fun! And ice cream sandwiches are very yummy, I'm so happy that you ate it for Mommy! Now maybe you can surprise her and try other new foods! Hooray!!!

  3. Thatis So COOL! I'll be sure to stock up on ice cream sandwiches for when you come over to play. See you and Maddy on Friday! Sorry we missed you at Toro on Monday. We took Grandma P. there around 1. funny.

  4. All three of the kleinman girls loved the video! It made us smile and giggle, you are too cute Braska! And when it was all done, Maddy promptly asked "When can we go have ice cream with Braska?" So can you tell your Mommy that it may be time to start the flavor of the week soon? Talk to you soon, we've been missing you all!

  5. Such a busy girl! And how fun that you had a messy snack! Wow!

    We got that same swing, too - but it's not up yet.

  6. I love the swing! Isn't it just perfect! She lookes like she loves it. Hope the weather stays nice.

  7. lots of summertime fun Braska - enjoy all of it!

  8. 'Braska, you have very good taste;)

  9. Great job Braska! Thanks for sharing your video, I had a long day and you made me smile! Glad you loved the swing - it reminded me to dig out our baby swing since the weather is changing!

  10. Wow a swing and ice cream sounds like a great day to me!! Braska is SO cute!!

  11. I love the video. Braska is so dang cute. It brings back so many memories of when Zach was a baby. Ice-cream baby! Zach'll do anything for it!

    And I love the bib....
    Braska is a little hottie!
    So cute!!!!!
    Thanks for the video. It was darling.

  12. Braska you are just too stinkin cute!!

  13. I love the pic on the hammock! and wtg on the eating!

  14. that is such a cute lil messy face! i love her new glasses too!!!

  15. I can sure tell you liked that stuff. I heard the "Mmmmm" at the end. It's as much fun listening to Mommy as it is to watch you. I'm so proud of both of you!! Love you!!!

    BTW, we'll be having supper with Jessie's folks tonight. We hope to see new baby Lilly.

  16. So cute! She did great eating that ice cream sandwich. Eating is an area where I feel like we are soooo behind!

    Eliana loves to swing too! The weather this week has been perfect for it!

    I also just bought the same book that Braska is reading. I was hoping it might help to teach some body parts.

    You are doing a great job!


  17. Yummy yummy in your tummy!! What a great thing to like, Braska. Nice job!!!


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