Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend pics

We have had some good stuff going on lately at our house. Nothing all that special, but it's been fun. And we have been HOME so that's the best! I haven't had to go to St. Louis in a few weeks now! But Mommy's been pretty busy so she hasn't had time to help me tell my stories on here, so we've got some catching up to do!

Friday I wore another one of my outfits from last year. And it was pretty comfy! It has a thing that goes on my head, but I only let Mommy put it on for pictures, then I took it right off.

Here's what I looked like last spring in this outfit. Gosh, I was so cute! Ha ha!

I went to Sophie's house for playgroup. Maddy came too, so there was three of us this time. It was pretty fun, and the mommies had a good time too. And guess what!? Sophie's mommy has her own blog to tell stories on too, and she tells really GOOD stories! Go see her blog!

Saturday morning I woke up and Mommy looked very tired when she came to get me. She said it was VERY early, but I thought it was time to play. So we went to her office and got it cleaned up. Then she got the carpet sweeper out, and I love that thing! I always giggle when it gets turned on because I like the sound of it. Daddy thinks I'm funny about that. I found the cord to the sweeper, so I had fun listening and playing.

Saturday afternoon, we decided to go outside to play, but it was very chilly even though the sun was out. I got my hat on and a blanket and played in my swing.

After a while, I just cuddled with Mommy and we rocked in the outside rocking chair.

Daddy was napping in the hammock while I was swinging. Then I got in with him and even Belle jumped up there too. We had to be careful because we almost fell out when it tipped over!

On Sunday afternoon, Daddy read some books to me, and I thought that was really fun. He is a good book reader.

On Monday morning, Miss Judy came to see me. She wanted me to stand up and play with toys on the couch. She had the chair behind me so I could sit down and then stand up again.

Then she moved the chair around and wanted me move my hands from the chair to the couch and then back to the chair. I did it once, but I was pretty scared to do it again.

Monday night, I got sick and spit vanilla milk all over Mommy and the couch. It was a big mess. So I had to take a shower to get all cleaned up. I just love to play in the water!!


  1. Braska, you are so cute! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. You are a very busy little girl, Miss Nebraska.

  3. Braksa I've missed you pictures! You have grown up so much in that first picture!

  4. Too cute! I love the picture where the tights are down to the thighs... or are those leg warmers?
    Anyway, it's such a cute picture. And I can't believe she wears outfits from last year. She's so tiny and petite and adorable! I love her cute little glasses too.

  5. Nancy--Those are BabyLegs! Best things ever!! :o)

  6. Love the baby picture! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  7. Braska, You have had a crazy week. Keep Jumping!!


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