Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Play practice

First... BIG NEWS if you like BabyLegs... See Mommy's blog for a fun game!

Lately I've been playing with more toys and getting myself around by rolling on the floor and then sitting up where I want to play. The other day, I rolled over to play with this one, and when I sat up, I was right on top of it!

Mommy says if I practice new ways to play with toys, I'll find out that it's more fun. This is one way that we've been practicing. I like to look in my toy box and bang on my big green ball. Mommy has to help me get up there to reach it, but I'm getting better at staying up there.

Miss Robin has been working with me on crawling. She's trying to show me how to move around even faster than rolling! It takes ALOT of work, but I'm trying to practice so I can be good at it.


  1. Braska looks like she's concentrating so hard in the crawling picture!! She's really building up lots of strength. Yay!!

  2. You are doing so good, Braska! Keep up the great work! You'll get there soon!

  3. Wow, look at you go! We're so proud of you! -Nico


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