Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby leg trap

I love to play with my slinky toy. It's one of my favorites of all my toys. But today it got me. I'm not sure what I did, but I looked down and my leg was stuck.

That slinky just wrapped right around my leg. I worked on it for a while but then Mommy had to help me get out. I'm gonna keep an eye on that silly slinky from now on.

I did some other really funny things today too, and Daddy told those stories at his blog. You can read about my visit with a very nice lady and the way Daddy carried me tonight.


  1. wow - you better watch out for that slinky...and beware of your daddy if he's carrying a bag! :o)

  2. Braska, every time I come back I am so impressed with all you are doing. Standing like a big girl!

  3. Oh no! Watch out for those toys - they get my kids all the time too. Warning - silly putty and hair do not mix! Well, they do mix but they don't separate too well! Also those cars where you pull them back and go - those wheels get stuck in hair too!

  4. LOL! Too funny that she got so tangled!
    PS wanted to let you know my Baby Legs arrived yesterday! I will feature them on my blog either tomorrow or Monday. :)
    Thanks again!


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