Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not much happening

Our house has been pretty quiet lately, and Mommy says that's a good thing. We only have had one therapy instead of three this week, so that's been nice to have a break.

On Monday I got in some good cuddle and playtime with my Daddy. That's always fun. We always practice all my new tricks so I don't forget them.

Tuesday we went with Miss Karen K and the girls to a big store with lots of big boxes and big bags of food and other stuff. The carts are even big so both me and Gracie could fit in there together! Maddy walked because she's a big girl.

Today I played on my new play floor. It's kind of squishy and has neat colors. We got it at the big store yesterday.


  1. Oh Braska, you are so cute, and what a big girl you are getting to be!! Love the new color play mats!!!

  2. I agree with your mom. Sometimes it is good to not have too much happening.

  3. Look at that giant girl! sitting in a cart!

    Those play mats are neat. We have some, and William uses them like big puzzle pieces now. He builds forts with them.

  4. Dear Braska, could you please come over and teach Miss Delphine how to not be scared when riding in a cart?

    It is definitely a good thing to have some non-crazy days.

  5. Looks like she loves the play mat! Great buy Mama!

  6. good ol' Sams Braska...when you get bigger and decide that this eating thing is for you, you will just be amazed at the quantities of peanut butter a person is allowed to buy. enjoy all the neat stuff mommy gets for you there.

  7. oh thats is so cute that they are sitting together like that in the cart!!! love those colorful new play mats too!

  8. Miss Braska~
    You are adorable! You are a true gift of cuteness!
    I arrived here through Tommy's space and I have definately enjoyed my visit!

  9. Oh Braska! You are such a cutie on that multi colored floor! Geez, such a beautiful little girl.

    Your momma needs to come over for our kitchen floor..... oh mine is soooo much worse than yours :)


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