Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch-up: Fun workouts!

I got to go to my school a couple weeks ago an extra day to meet Miss A, my PT, and it was SO fun!! Usually she comes to my house, but it was special to get to go play with all the neat stuff at school. I got to use the same walker toy that I practice with when I go to school on Mondays. I surprised Mommy and Miss A because they didn't know I could walk this good with the walker toy!

We went to the place they call the "motor room" to do some exercises. I loved the swing!

There was a really fun place to crawl and climb, and I just LOVE to climb, so I did this part lots of times.

Miss A and Mommy were really excited about how hard I worked and how much fun I had. I hope we get to go back alot!!!

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  1. I like your censor! hahaha Great job, B! And you look beautiful at the wedding!


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