Sunday, May 24, 2009

More wedding pictures

I'll show you a few more pictures from Auntie Rachel's wedding and don't forget you can look at my story from that day here, but there's a whole bunch more on Mommy's blog, so you can click here and here and here to see how pretty Auntie Rachel was and more neat stuff and stories about the wedding and the party that was after it. Here's Daddy's story about my walking in the wedding, too. So go see all those pictures too!

This is Auntie Joy and me before the wedding started. We were waiting for more pictures to get done.

I got really tired and kind of grumpy so Grammy took  me in a quiet room so I could rest for a little while. 
braskagrammy2 braskagrammy1

Don't you think I look like my Auntie Rachel a little?? 

It was a fun day, but I was so ready to go to bed that night. 

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