Monday, May 25, 2009

Sportin' the cute stuff

Since it's nice and warm outside now, I've been able to wear some of my cute new things that Mommy got on that "cleer-rents" like I told you about a few days ago.

This is when I went to the doctor with KiKi so she wouldn't be scared.  I talked to Dr. A alot and she was so surprised at how much she could know what I was saying to her!  Me and KiKi have the same doctor, and she's really nice.
bstroller bfashion

This was the shirt I wore for Daddy's birthday, but I got it messy at school that morning so I had to change before he got home for lunch.  
Mommy was pretty upset that I got it messy with markers.  I didn't know it was bad to mark on my shirt, but Mommy said she thought my teachers at school would help me stay on the paper a little better.  Mommy's gonna make me a cover-up shirt for next time we use markers or icky stuff that can make me messy.

This outfit is super comfy and I like the shirt colors alot.  I like warm weather clothes!!
bfashion1 bfashion2


  1. You look so cute in your new outfits. I really like that last one too. I love capris.

  2. Okay not only are the clothes so cute - I love Braska's ponytails!! When did her hair get so long!?


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