Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day

I made this for Mommy at school. Well, I decorated the bag. Miss A and her helpers made the flowers. What did you do for your Mommy today?


  1. Braska ~ I made a pot like that last year for my mommy too! But, the flower kind of didn't live very long, so now my mommy uses her flowerpot at the kitchen sink to hold her scrubbies. She says it makes doing the dishes a happy time because she can think of me instead of the crud on the pots and pans! Love from, Alyssa

  2. I came home to a front porch that included four hanging flower baskets! They are so pretty. One for each kid? Not sure, but my hubby did good.

    Tommy made a planter out of a paper milk carton with a lil' purple petunia in it.

    Liam made some artwork with his picture in the middle.

    And our teenagers made me yummy cupcakes with chocolate icing.

    The best part of all is that we are healthy and home and together!

  3. Awww! Thats a keeper! I love the little things they do!


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