Friday, May 1, 2009

Springy clothes

I got to wear some of my springy outfits since it's been nice and warm. One of them is from last year but now it fits a little better.

This was last time I wore it. (04/22/08)

And this was when I wore it to church on Sunday. (04/26/09) It's still a little big on me, but that's ok. I can stand a little better this year, too, but I still have to lean on the chair some.

Then Daddy started to make me laugh...

And then I fell and said "Uh oh!

(Mommy note: She is only 3 pounds more now than one year ago...amazing.)


  1. Braska ~ You look so pretty and springy! I think your sandals are the prettiest! Tell your mommy that Nathan weighed 18 pounds at 3 years old. It took forever for him to grow, but look how big he is now! Alyssa is 4 now and weighs 28 pounds. She thinks she's 6 feet tall though! Have a happy weekend! Love from, Kathy and The Backyard Gang

  2. Braska, your personality just POPS out all over :o) Love you!!

  3. Great pictures, Braska! Guess where we are going today .. NEBRASKA!!!!

  4. what a beautiful girl!
    we also have clothes from last year, haha incredible right


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