Friday, May 29, 2009

Hangin' out in my crib

This weekend while Grammy and Uncle Ryan were painting the doors, I got to play in my crib for a while.  I like to play in there because I have a very fun mirror in there.  I can make all kinds of silly faces, and I like to practice my signs in there too.
braskamirror braskamirror2 braskamirror3 braskamirror4


  1. I love your "crib" Braska! You also have the most beautiful face in the entire world and I really love the silly ones you make. Hope you have had fun at your Grammys! Love your blog and all your cool adventures.

  2. Nice spot to relax Braska! I have often thought of placing Tommy in his crib for safety reasons along with a few books and toys. Great idea RK

  3. Hi RK love all the shots in the recent posts. Braska sure is cute and what a great big sister she is helping Kiki at the doctor


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