Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch-up: Mommy's Day Dresses

On Mommy's Day, KiKi and I wore special dresses to go to Grandma C's church. When Mommy tried to take a picture of us before we left, I wanted to give KiKi a kiss instead. She wasn't happy that I put my fingers in her eye.

Here's my dress. I got it more than one whole year ago because Mommy thought I could wear it for Easter last year. Silly Mommy... Since it was a little chilly, I wore a little cute sweater on top in the morning. It had bows on the sleeves, and I thought those were really cute, so I looked at them alot.
bfashion1 bfashion2

We went to lunch at a favorite place of Daddy's from when he was a little kid. He was really excited, but I was a little bit bored. Everyone was eating stuff, but I didn't want to eat, so I just waited.
You can click here to go see more pictures and read Daddy's story about it. He's a really good story teller!


  1. Hey Braska, love the "I'm bored with this pizza place" picture! Your dad has great taste in pizza and I want to try that place out sometime!

    It was nice you wanted to kiss sister; I know you didn't MEAN to poke her in the eye! Love you guys!

  2. Pretty dresses! I love that last pic; she does look like she is bored! LOL

  3. Emmy has that dress! I also bought it too big for her last year:) Those petite little ladies!

  4. How sweet pictures of those babies!! Love their shiny dresses!!


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