Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catch-up: Petting zoo or sandbox

A couple weeks ago, Uncle Jody had a party at his new building where he helps animals get better when they are sick. It's really pretty, and he and Mr. Nick did lots of work there all by themselves. Uncle Jody talked to lots of people and showed them around.

In the back they had a bunch of animals that all the kids could go and touch. They were nice, but I didn't really want to pet them.

There was a rabbit, a little pig, and a baby cow.
zoorabbit zoopig zoocalf

Then there were two little lambs. I liked the white one better, but I still didn't want to touch it.
zoolamb zoolamb2

In the middle, there was a big thing that Daddy said was a la-ma. But he called it Tina. Daddy's silly sometimes. His animal story is here.

This big turtle kept trying to get out the gate, but he was just a little bit too slow.

There was a baby deer, and since it wasn't moving much, I gave it a little pat.
zoofawn zoofawn2 zoofawn3

Behind the yard there was a little horse that the kids were riding. Daddy wanted me to try, but I didn't like that idea at all.

He finally let me get off and I went right for Auntie Skye. Since she's married to Uncle Jody and he's the boss at this place, I thought maybe she could get me away from that horse.

But she didn't!!! She let Daddy try to put me back on! But she did try to ride with me, but that didn't work out either. I did touch the horsey's fluffy hair, but that wasn't enough for Daddy.

He put me right back on there!

I told him what I thought of that, don't you worry!

I tried to get off, but he's bigger than me. Finally Mommy told him to let me off. Thank goodness!

Auntie Rachel was right there and I grabbed her to be safe.

After Daddy promised not to make me try the horse again, I practiced my walking with him and Auntie Skye.

When we left the party with the animals, we went to see our friends Amber and Katelyn and their mommy and daddy. Katelyn gave me a big hug!

Daddy pushed me on the swing.  I just LOVE swings!!!

And then we went down the slide.  I also LOVE to slide, but I always get a little scared right in the middle.  Then Daddy catches me and it's SO fun! 

We played in their sandbox. I've never done that before, and Mommy thought I wouldn't like that stuff on my feet, but I surprised her!!! I loved it so much! We have to get one of those! Mommy just couldn't believe that I knew what the shovel and pail were and told her their names. But they're on Blues Clues, so that's how I know!
bsandbox2 sandbox1

It was a very busy day, but we did some pretty fun stuff. And some NOT fun stuff, but I hope Daddy learned his lesson!


  1. I must take this opportunity to say that your reluctant cowgirl shots...especially the one with the lip OUT...are among my favorite photographs of all time.
    Did you pet the slow turtle? Turtles are my very, very favorites.
    We loved your picture story, Brave Braska!

  2. I think you did great Braska!! Looks like you enjoyed all the animals!


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