Saturday, May 2, 2009

Catch-up: Tea Party

A couple weeks ago Mommy took me to a tea party with a bunch of other friends who are "extra" cute like me. It was a day just for girls at a pretty place to eat. Mommy told more about it here and here if you want to see what she said.

I got to wear a new outfit that had pretty yellow in it. I like yellow, and Daddy does too.

We sat at little tables that were all made pretty with teacups and flowers.

This is one of my new friends, Rylie.

And this is my new friend Reagan who sat by me. She had a really pretty hat.

Since Daddy had to work extra that day, Kinlee got to come, too.

It was a nice day, even though I got a little upset a couple times when it got really loud and busy in there. It was a really little room, but I think it was a nice time out for us girls.


  1. Oh how cute. I love tea parties. It looks like you were in a fancy tea room. I really like your new outfit.

  2. How sweet. A tea party sounds like so much fun. You dressed so pretty for the tea party and so nice you got to meet new friends.

  3. I cannot wait to take Delphine to tea parties - that looks like a marvelous day!


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