Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Staying busy

I've been a very busy girl lately. I spend alot of time with Kinlee, especially in the mornings. We always sit together in the chair, and she giggles and smiles at me. Sometimes she kicks me, and I don't like that for very long.

So I thought this was a better way to sit so her feet couldn't get me.

I've been showing KiKi some of my toys that she might like, too. This one was one of my favorites when I was a tiny baby. See, the lights are up here and they move along with the music.

Sometimes she doesn't listen to me and look in the right place.

I showed her how you can push the toys to make the music go again when it stops. She wasn't listening, though, and she just kept kicking them with her feet instead of pushing them like I showed her.

Since it's been nice, we've gone on some nice rides in our wheels.

I'm still trying to do my stories and put my pictures up for you whenever I can borrow the computer from Mommy.

Of course, I've been trying my new warm weather clothes.

And we've been playing at the mall a bunch, too. I finally got brave enough to go through the big log. It was fun! I wasn't so sure I'd like it, but now I do it alot!


  1. Braska...your expressions CRACK ME UP...such a sweet and thoughtful teacher you are. That sister of yours is lucky, lucky, lucky!

  2. Braska is getting so big. I love the braids.

  3. Those are some sweet sister pictures! I'm sure Braska can't wait until Kinlee starts playing with her!


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