Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Mommy’s Birthday Day!

I took a picture this morning of me and Mommy.  I’m still learning how to take pictures good, but it’s still cute I think.  Probably because it’s mostly me!

We’re going to Grandma C’s for football today. So I gotta get ready to go! Go Bears!  You better win for Mommy’s Birthday Day!

Hope you do something fun today!

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  1. I bet you had gobs and gobs of fun, Lil Miss Braska! We like yelling "TOUCHDOWN" too! You tell those guys to protect their quarterback! The boys even yell "AWE MAN!" when the quarterback gets sacked. Maybe if we send the Bears lots and lots of happy smiles they will do better. Tell your mommy "Happy Birthday!!!" from the Jones Family!


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