Saturday, October 23, 2010

Songs while we wait

When it’s time to go to the car, Mommy tells us to go to the kitchen door.  Me and KiKi go and stand by the door that goes out to the car.  While we are waiting for Mommy to get the bags and stuff, we sing some songs.  We do “We Are The Dinosaurs” and “The ABC Song” and “I think you’re silly!” (That’s one we just made up with Mommy!) and lots more. 

The other day we were doing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and Mommy took a picture.  Can you tell which part we were on??

What songs do you like to sing when you’re waiting for someone??


  1. I like to whistle "somewhere over the rainbow" when I am waiting for someone!

  2. We sing songs while we're waiting for Lucy's school bus...every morning! We sing the alphabet song, "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" and "The Rainbow Song" from Signing Time (it's Lucy's favorite song!). We also sing "The Wheels on the Bus" ALOT! :)

  3. We sing Julia's little "ditty"..
    "I'm so happy, feeling snappy,
    My life is rosy, I'm feeling comfy cozy..."


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