Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wanna come to lunch with me?

We’re gonna go to eat at Chevy’s on Saturday.  Wanna know why??  See what Mommy says next.  Dashlyn is Jack’s new sister and she’s gonna be my new best girlfriend!  I can’t wait til she’s home and can come play with us!

If you’re anywhere near St. Charles, Missouri… OR if you’re willing to COME to St. Charles, there’s a great reason to eat at Chevy’s this coming Saturday, October 23. 


There will be a fundraiser for Dashlyn’s adoption fund at Chevy’s on Saturday, October 23, ALL DAY! 

What do you need to do? 

Just come and eat at Chevy’s!  That’s it! They will donate 20% of your bill to Dashlyn’s fund.  YAY!

This is valid at the St. Charles location on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, near Zumbehl and I-70.

(And you need a little mini-flyer thing to give them for verification…click here to be able to print one. Don’t forget to take it with you!)  If you have any trouble, drop me an email and I’ll send the document to you.  It can take a few seconds to open the file from the link.

Julie and Allan have been given their SDA appointment in Dashlyn’s country, and they’ll be leaving to go meet their girl on 10/30.  So soon!  Woo hoo!!!!  Dashlyn will be home soon, so come on out and pre-celebrate with us and share a donation by eating yummy food on Saturday!

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