Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School picture day

A few weeks ago, it was picture day at school.  So we picked out a cute shirt that Grandma C got me in Montana and did my hair with my favorite big bow that my Aunt Karol gave me.  We like this shirt because it has tulips, and there’s 3 of them.  Tulips are my special flower.  I like when they grow in my yard, but for now I have to just have them on my shirt.

I know that I’m supposed to smile when Mommy wants pictures, but sometimes I just wanna get on with going to school!

Then sometimes I just get silly…


Mommy says she hopes the pictures from school were better and I behaved for the lady with the camera there. 

Shhhhh…It’s a secret……… maybe I’ll show you soon.


  1. You look gorgeous in all those pics.

  2. Precious! What a beauty! Can't wait to see those school pics. :)

  3. What a pretty girl!


  4. omg. love these! her expressions are priceless!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Braska you are SOOOO cute! I can't wait to see the school pics! I'm also getting excited for Ella to get her glasses after seeing how pretty you are in yours!!!

  6. Oh Braska, You are the cutest!!! I love all your faces.

  7. She is just adorable! ...and I love her name! :)


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