Monday, October 18, 2010

The second day

Today is Monday. It’s the second day of the week.  I know that because I’ve been watching my “Days of the Week” Signing Time video and that’s what Miss Rachel says.  Sunday is the first day. Monday is the second day.  I know all my days, but I’m just now learning which ones are first, second, and third.

On Mondays, I go to school.  (I go on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays, too. )  After we get dressed and Mommy tells us it’s time to go, me and KiKi go stand by the kitchen door.  That’s where we go out to the car.

After school, Jack came over for lunch.  I think Jack should come over every day. Or I could go to his house.  But we should play together every day, I think.  Mommy says sometimes we have to do other stuff though.  I think Jack’s better than other stuff. 

Daddy reads us stories sometimes before we go to bed.  Tonight KiKi asked him for the ABC cards, so he did them with us.  He just shows us the picture of Miss Rachel’s hand signing the letter and we can tell him what letter it is.  KiKi is pretty good at getting all the letters, too.  Daddy says we are really smart!

(Thanks again, Miss Rachel, for sending us the ABC cards!)

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