Monday, October 11, 2010

Pictures from school

Today we got to see the pictures that we did at school last month.  We decided that they’re not as good as the ones we take at home all the time, so we’re not going to buy any, but we thought we’d show you a few of them anyway.  (Make sure you go see the pictures we took at home before school that day, they’re cuter!)
image image image

(Mommy note: Braska is NOT an easy girl to catch for good pictures.  She will often put her hands in her mouth when she sees the camera, so we have hundreds of pics like that.  If she sees me get the camera ready, or if I tell her it’s time for pictures, because we take their “fashion shots” in new outfits regularly, she will purposefully look anywhere but at the camera, and she will NOT smile on command. Cute shots are generally caught mid-song or mid-sign or laughing at someone dancing or some such silliness.  She also has some vision issues that have become more problematic lately, and they show up in her tilting her chin way up, looking down her nose at things that she is trying to focus on.  So we have bunches of pictures with very bad angles, as well. *She had an eye appointment today, more on that soon.* 

So these pictures are not surprising, and they’re actually not AS bad as I figured they would be.  No, we won’t be getting any prints, but that’s ok.  We’ve got literally thousands of pictures of this chickadee, so we’ll survive without these particular images.)


  1. the home ones are definitely better.

    what's up with the backgrounds on the school ones? too cluttered. I don't like that.

  2. Yep! I agree the home ones are better, they always are! Ella is the same way, I pull out the camera she looks the other way. Or when she does actually look at the camera I get this horrible, crooked, underbite cheesy weird smile. Ahhhh to have a cooperative child would make life a lot easier sometimes : )

  3. School pictures are so expensive. I found I can get the same package at a department store for 1/2 the price!


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