Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More outside!

Today me and KiKi wanted to play outside.  We tried to go out Belle’s doggie door, but Mommy said no.  So we told her, “Play outside please!”  It worked, because we got to go out for playtime after lunch.  She even brought out our slide and table.
(Mommy note: Pardon the phone pics…camera still out.)

But we decided to look around a little bit and see if there were any other toys.  So we looked in the garage, but Mommy didn’t want us to play in there.
So we went around to the side next to the garage.  We knocked on the gate but Belle didn’t open it for us. 

Then we walked back around to the front.

We climbed on the table for a minute, but then KiKi went to ride on the rock.

So I went to get on the rock, too.sistersoutside5

But the rock wasn’t very cushy to sit on, so I decided maybe we should go in the house.  “Belle!  Open door!”  That’s what I told her. But she didn’t do it.  braskaoutside1

We played outside TWO times today! Can you believe that??  We never get to be outside that much, but since it was really nice and pretty weather, Mommy took us out two times.  We even played out there til Daddy came home from work.  I hope we have more nice weather tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful darlings. Fun stuff.

  2. Wow! Glad you had great weather and you had such a grand time.


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