Saturday, October 2, 2010

More pictures from my friend visits

Remember back when I had a party weekend with lots of friends and lots of parties? 

Well I have some more pictures to show you from then.

Me and Jack stood in the picture place (by the door) for our pictures.  We have matching clothes and he’s cute. But I think I win, don’t you? 

Madelyn helped me decide what we would get at the dinner place.  She’s Jack’s big sister, and she is fun to play with.

On Sunday, we went to church with friends too.  Or they went with us really.  Jack and Nichole even got to go to my class with me!  It was great!

One night, Ellie, Nichole, and Nina came over to my house.  And Jack came too.  We watched Signing Time all together while mommies and daddies talked about stuff.  Nichole is REALLY good at her signs! 

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  1. Great pictures, Braska! Great seeing you yesterday at the ball park, too!


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