Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yay for a new playground!

Today we went to a party for a new special playground in the town where Daddy works that was just opened today.  There was a party for the playground.  How much fun is that?!?

After some people said some stuff, all the kids got to run in there and play.

I love to slide, so we did that…

And of course I had to swing!

KiKi was pretty excited to get in there and play!

She did the slide…
And she did some swinging too…   and she had fun doing it…

Until she saw something… something she didn’t like…

Curious George was there.  And Kinlee does NOT like to see TV friends close to her.  She gets very very upset!

So we went over to the tree house part.

I liked the ladder, but I didn’t know how to get up to the higher part so I just played with the ladder. 

It was a really fun time!  Mommy says we can go back to the park because it’s right by Daddy’s work and maybe we can visit for a lunch picnic sometime soon.

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