Thursday, June 21, 2012

173/366 Dress-up Hawaii party

A guy from school called Mommy the other day to ask if I could let him take some pictures to use for a big school party later this summer.  So this was the day I went to play dress-up for the pictures.

First they gave me some fun things to put on.  But I thought we were going to see the beach. It was just a blue curtain… bummer.

There was a neat shiny thing that they held by me.  I liked to watch my shadow in there…

But once Mr. R started taking the pictures and telling me what things to do, it was lots of fun!  Mommy was surprised at how well I listened and tried to do the funny things he asked.

Sometimes I just did my dancing.  I love to do dancing.  Mommy played some music on her phone and we all danced around.

After all that dancing and smiling, I needed a drink when we got finished.

(Mommy note: Since we’re a little late with the post, we can also include the “finished product,” as in a couple of the promo flyers for the event.  I think they turned out pretty cute…)

luau poster2

luau poster


  1. She is blooming! She is a beautiful girl. I love the photos.

  2. B, you look so cute! We should run away to Hawaii together.


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