Wednesday, June 6, 2012

158/366 Sunny day. New friends. Cool water.

We went out to see my teacher, Miss Amy, today. She wasn’t at her own house, but she was playing with Ella, her niece, at her house.  Ella’s 3, like KiKi, and she was really fun to play with.

The water was kinda cold, but we still got in.  KiKi got in first.

I swam around too, but then we played for a while in the water table by the pool.

We were there for a while, we had some lunch by the pool, and then Ella’s big sister Emily brought us popsicles!  They were yummy!

Thanks Ella, and thanks Miss Amy for letting us come and swim!!

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  1. Ooooo, such fun! I got to swim with Papa (well, he sat in the whirlpool) last weekend. I love to swim and I'm glad you do, too!


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