Tuesday, June 26, 2012

178/366 Daddy can fly

Our Great Grandpa Rod went to be with Jesus a few days ago.  Daddy and Uncle Ethon decided to go to Oregon to visit their family.  We didn’t get to go because it costs A LOT of money to ride in a plane.  I didn’t mind very much.  But KiKi was really REALLY sad when we took Daddy to the airport.  He told her he would talk to her a lot, and he would send her messages.  But she still cried pretty hard.

After we dropped Daddy off, Mommy took me to school. After a quick stop at QT to try to help KiKi get a little less sad, she went back to the airport so they could watch for Daddy’s plane to take off in the air.

First they went to one place to watch planes.  Mommy climbed in with KiKi in the back so they could watch.

But apparently they picked the wrong place to watch.  There were only planes coming TO the airport on that side.  So they moved and found another spot to sit in where they could see planes going AWAY from the airport.

KiKi showed me this picture…  She and Mommy got all comfy in the van when they were waiting.  It’s funny because it’s just their feet.  Ha!

Daddy sent a picture from the plane of him and Uncle Ethon.  That made KiKi happy.daddyethon
They finally saw the plane that they thought was Daddy’s, and they waved and waved. 

After they picked me up from school, we had some lunch and then walked down to the cinema that’s by our house.  We wanted to see Mirror, Mirror.
So we took some drinks and went to find our seats.  I was SO excited!!!  KiKi was glad to have some popcorn, but she wouldn’t open her eyes for her picture.

We didn’t stay for the whole movie.  There was some fighting that KiKi didn’t like at all.  I didn’t want to leave, but we had to go before it was over.  Mommy said it wasn’t as much a little girl movie as she thought.  I sure wanted to see the rest of it. 

Daddy was in planes all day.  In lots of cities.  So he would call us and tell us where he was.  We watched his planes on the computer… that was really cool!  We didn’t know you could do that!

It was sad to go to bed without Daddy’s Bible story and cuddles, but we let Mommy try to do it.

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  1. Dear Braska - I'm so sorry about your Great Grandpa. But I love to watch airplanes too! That's how my husband & I spent many of our first dates. I'm sure your mommy will give you lots of extra hugs while your daddy's gone. xoxo, k.


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