Friday, June 29, 2012

181/366 Sisters on a trip

Daddy was supposed to be home today when we woke up.  But he’s not.  And we’re sad.  He got stuck in Texas because they wouldn’t bring him home last night like they said they would.  So this morning they sent him to Miami. We didn’t think that was on the way from Oregon to St. Louis, but I guess we were wrong.  We hope he can get home today.

While Daddy was flying to Florida he took this picture to send us.  That’s the ocean. And we hope we get to see it and splash it in one day!

While Daddy was in Florida, we went on a little trip of our own.  It’s our special weekend at Aunt Karol’s!!  Mommy took us to a town in Illinois called Springfield that’s between our house and their house.  Then we put all our stuff in Aunt Karol’s car and off we went!  Yay!!

We got to go swimming!! 

And sometimes I just like to play in the water when I’m not swimming.

We LOVE that the big kids swam with us too!  Jamee and Dani let us play with them a lot.

KiKi likes to play with the little animals we always get to see at Aunt Karol’s house… I don’t like them *as* much.

And that’s just ONE day of our trip!

Make sure you go over to Aunt Karol’s story about our vacation too!

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  1. You guys got over being sad pretty quickly when you found out you got to go swimming.


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