Wednesday, June 13, 2012

165/366 Pictures and playground

We got to go to the park this morning, one that we’ve never been to before.  We were going to have our pictures taken by Mommy’s friend Miss Jodie. Grandma C told Miss Jodi about us and she decided to do some pictures as a present for us. Isn’t that GREAT!!

Miss Jenny went with us to help Mommy keep up with us and Baby Patrick, too.  She is really good at playing with us, so we like her a LOT!  I sat on her lap while we waited for Miss Jodie.

We did some pictures in some neat places. Miss Jodie was good at making us laugh.  We took some pictures together and some just one sister.

Then we went to the playground and ran around a little.  Mommy took some pictures there, and Miss Jodie took some of us swinging. That’s our favorite thing, you know!  You’ll have to wait a little while to see those…

Later we got to go to Miss Linda and Mr. Gary’s house while Mommy and Daddy did some work and some studying.  Mommy’s working on Daddy’s big party coming up.  It’s a lot of work!  She said she found her new favorite place at the library. I think it just looks like a work place, no toys or nothing, but she said it was super!

While we were at Mr. Gary and Miss Linda’s house, we got to play with something new. You blow on it and it makes music.  I was pretty good at it.

It was a really fun day!  Thanks bunches Miss Jodie! Can’t wait to see all your pictures of us!

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  1. You need to bring one of those harmonicas home so I can hear it.


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